Saturday, October 20, 2012

Panama Canal Rainy Season

Here we see the COSCO BOSTON, a huge container cargo ship on her south bound Panama Canal transit today October 20 2012 in the Miraflores Locks, Panama is in plain rainy season that is normally from April to December. The Canal operates 24/7 and in almost all weather situations.

Panama Canal Rainy Season

From Wikipedia: The Gatun lake is important as a reservoir of water for the operation of the canal locks. Each time a ship transits the canal 202,000 m3 (53,400,000 US gal) of water is passed from the lake into the sea; with over 14,000 vessel transits per year, this represents a very large demand for water. Since rainfall is seasonal in Panama, the lake acts as a water store, allowing the canal to continue operation through the dry season.

Gatun Lake

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